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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Someone else preordered a game and I can't cancel it

I don't even own a Playstation, I have a Sony TV and my 9 year old son has a PSVita on child account under my parent account.

In October last, I receive an email thanking me for my Purchase of Middle-Earth™: Shadow of Mordor™ Legion Edition (Full Game) £54.99 for the PlayStation, a game that is not even out, it's was not released for another 6 weeks, so a pre-order, I obviously did not make this purchase, so I logged straight into SEN, removed my payment details and update my password, then I immediately contacted SEN, by both email and telephone, I was told it would be sorted within 5 days, it took them almost 6 weeks to come back to tell me to go take a jump as they don't do refunds, case closed.

I then spent days and days trying to speak to someone who was able to communicate without the assistance of scripts, I tried social media, I even tried Sony UK but they completely disown SEN, not wanting to know. Eventually I was left with no choice but to contact my Bank and the upshot was that after investigating Visa confirmed I was protected as UK Consumer and they refunded me.

Fast forward to last week, account banned! At first I was not bothered as I only have the TV and I am content that after being treated like this I will never buy another Sony Product again, however I have now discovered that my Son has no access to the games he had downloaded via (Codes from Amazon) etc. So I telephone them (yet again) to basically be told Pay Up the £54.99 or lose the lot, talk about Blackmail and Bullying, I was calm and polite and asked the guy to transfer me to a someone who could hopefully help me, he refused and simply read from his script. I then said I was not satisfied and I wanted assistance to which he said he was then terminating the call, which he did.

I just can't fathom Sony's Business Plan, we are middle earning household, we've bought a number of Sony Products over the years, one being a new TV just a few months ago, I was genuinely going to buy another, I know it's easy to say that to add gravity to it but we were actually in Curry's last November looking at replacing our Main TV with a Sony and my wife said lets wait until this current issue with SEN is resolved at the time I was disappointed but now obviously not, what kind of business has a plan that alienates customers like this, with Bully Boy Tactics! No one wins!

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