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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

When I hear the name Sony now I cringe and frown

A long and interesting blog post, which covers one of the stories set out here in more depth with a bit of a kicker (as briefly mentioned here):

However my Son, Ollie who was 9 at the time also has a Sony Account because he is the very proud owner of his own PS Vita, which most of you will know is a handheld portable gaming device and order to manage that and purchase certain games he needed an account. Now because Ollie was 9 he has what is called a Sub-Account, which in simple terms is an account with very restricted access, which sits under my master account, a child account under a parent account. So by me losing my account it meant we had lost full control of his account, although he was not banned himself he still had access to all the games and content he had purchased, we just could not purchase any more because it was funded from my now banned account.

So not the end of the world but as you can imagine I am kind of still upset by this, so I contact SEN Customer Services again hoping to reason with them and appeal to their human nature, I hit a brick wall, I am spoken to like I am a child, seriously, I'm like hello, I'm closer to 50 than I am to 40! I asked to be transferred to someone who can help right this injustice, I am told no, I tell the guy on the end of the phone that I am not hanging up until he at least tries to help me, to which he responds, "in that case I am terminating this call, Goodbye!...." and hangs up.

Watchdog obviously contacted Sony with their long list of viewers who had complained to them and Sony reinstated in full last week the accounts of the 2 guys who had their full stories portrayed on Watchdog, however at the same time, they actually banned my Son's Sub-Account, meaning he has now lost all access to his purchased content, so it seems instead of being helped by Watchdog, we have in fact been punished further.
 More details, including a possible resolution, can be found on the RLLMUK thread.

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