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If you have a similar story, please get in touch! We hope that collecting these stories will help Sony to realise that their awful approach to digital accounts, customer service and denial of standard rights is hurting their business. None of the major video games news sites seem to be interested for some reason!

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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

I complained about Sony on Watchdog

To be broadcast on Thursday 28 May, at 8pm on BBC1!  Watchdog has interviewed a fair number of the people on this website, investigating the way Sony's customer service is lacking.  The main complainant is Pockets, from RLLMUK, whose post in this thread was the first I uploaded to this blog.

Expect a half-hearted apology and nothing to change.

Update: the BBC's interest has meant that this issue has finally seen some coverage in gaming media.  Gamespot and Eurogamer have run stories, and MCV has picked up the news too.  Most stories originated from a NeoGAF thread and didn't do any more research until posters from RLLMUK contacted them.  This blog has been linked to from a few stories now.  Welcome, all!

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